Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Phase 3 Resources

Letters and Sounds

I have made some fill the gap and match the pairs resources to help children with reading the digraphs and trigraphs from the Letters and Sounds Phase 3.

matching pairs Matching Pairs

This is a simple game, basically the children read the word and then match up to the correct picture. I tend to ask the children to be competitive and see who can collect the most pairs.

Download here.
fill the gap Fill the Gap

I’m going to laminate these cards and put Velcro in the space so that when the child puts the sound in the box it will stick in. It’s all about choosing the correct sound for the word.

Download here.

These resources are designed to try to encourage the children to read the trigraphs and digraphs as a single sound and not sound out each individual letter. I’m not sure if it’ll work but I am hoping to try it.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Phonics Resources

Working with Di and Tri-Graphs

I’ve noticed while doing phase 3 of the Letters and Sounds scheme that the children are struggling to use the digraphs and tri-graphs from that phase.

For example, when reading words containing that digraph, I encourage the children to sound it out. They are sounding out each individual letter, eg r-a-i-n instead of
r-ai-n. So, to help the children with their reading I’m going to make some phonic resources which I will of course share on here.

I’m thinking of highlighting the graphemes to encourage the children to read them as a collection of letters with one sound. For example:

train          stairs          fork          down

I’m hoping that highlighting these sounds will help the children to read them as a single sound without sounding out each letter.

I’m hoping this will make a huge difference but I have noticed that the Letters and Sounds scheme really works and the children make fantastic progress!