Saturday, 16 February 2013

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Working with Di and Tri-Graphs

I’ve noticed while doing phase 3 of the Letters and Sounds scheme that the children are struggling to use the digraphs and tri-graphs from that phase.

For example, when reading words containing that digraph, I encourage the children to sound it out. They are sounding out each individual letter, eg r-a-i-n instead of
r-ai-n. So, to help the children with their reading I’m going to make some phonic resources which I will of course share on here.

I’m thinking of highlighting the graphemes to encourage the children to read them as a collection of letters with one sound. For example:

train          stairs          fork          down

I’m hoping that highlighting these sounds will help the children to read them as a single sound without sounding out each letter.

I’m hoping this will make a huge difference but I have noticed that the Letters and Sounds scheme really works and the children make fantastic progress!

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