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Literacy ICT Resources

Cbeebies Alphablocks

My absolute favourite resources for phonics and literacy! The children completely adore working on the Alphablocks. They work as a whole class teaching resources, a small group resource and even an independent activity. You can use the Alphablocks on your white board or on laptops. I would recommend Alphablocks to all Early Years, EAL and SEN teachers! 

Letters and Sounds

The Letters and Sounds website is stuffed to full with resources and ICT games for the children to use!

It’s mainly good for teaching phonics using the Letters and Sounds scheme, but all the resources are free and again can be used as a teaching session or independently.

Sequencing on Cbeebies
This is actually a really nice game for sequencing. The children can watch the video and then put it into the correct order afterwards. Children can do this independently or in a small group. 

Numeracy ICT Resources

The Numtums

This is more for your children who aren’t yet recognising numbers, although if you’re playing this game with your SEN children you may find the others come to watch.

The children pop the balloons and hear the numbers read out as they pop each balloon. Also good for EAL children.

 Cbeebies Numberjacks

A bit like the Alphablocks, the Number Jacks site is full of fun activities for young children to work on in groups or independently. There are even some more difficult activities to challenge your gifted and talented children.

We all teach sorting by colour or sorting by shape, but there are actually lots of different ways to sort. Using this site will show you lots of good ways to work on sorting with your little ones.

One of the Early Years targets is to know if a number is larger or smaller than another number. This game allows children to work with numbers in a fun and unique way.

There are also higher numbers for your extension activities. This could be done as a mental oral starter or as part of a plenary.

You may have some children who start in Reception, or children who are in Nursery, who need counting reinforcement. This could be done as part of a mental oral starter in the Autumn term, or in small groups for your target children. 

Thematic ICT Resources


The British Council website has lots of fun little activities for young children. Difficult concepts like religious festivals are explained in a simple way that appeals to young children.

This is one of my favourite videos. You can pause and discuss what’s happening, play the video a few times and there is a fun year picker at the end so that children can see what year they were born in. Do the children have the same birth year as the teacher?

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