Friday, 16 November 2012

It’s All Gone a Bit Gruffalo

I am Gruffalo Mad!

I’ve been a huge fan of the Gruffalo from the first time I read the story. It’s different and unique and sparks the children’s imagination. There are thousands of lesson plans you can use from the Gruffalo, and I’ve gone a little bit Gruffalo Mad!

Gruffalo Mad

My husband will say I don’t need an excuse to spend money, but with a Gruffalo lesson week coming up, I couldn’t resist!

I am teaching a rhyming lesson, but I didn’t want the children to only be involved in rhyming, I wanted them to have a rounded experience of the Gruffalo so the resources I have are:

  • Gruffalo role play
  • Gruffalo story sequencing
  • Gruffalo large pairs matching
  • Gruffalo small pairs matching
  • Matching the written description to the picture (that’s to challenge my highers)
  • Matching rhyming pairs, so ‘snake’ would be paired with ‘lake’ for example
  • Making a Gruffalo’s child puppet
  • Writing the roasted fox, owl icecream, scrambled snake and Gruffalo crumble recipes
  • A maze (for fine motor skills)
  • Story writing frames if the children would like to write their own Gruffalo story
  • And a Gruffalo puppet

  • I also have in my classroom a matching rhymes game that isn’t Gruffalo related

The Gruffalo is one of those fantastic books that is completely versatile and has lots of different elements you can incorporate into a thematic curriculum.

gruffalo brainstorm

Like I said, I’m doing a rhyming lesson. I want to share my resources, however I use pictures that I find on the internet in my work and I’m not sure about the copyright.

What I can do is point you towards some fantastic resources for Gruffalo lessons online!

gruffalo acticities The Official Gruffalo Website

Obviously the best source of activities for the Gruffalo, straight from the author and illustrator. I’m on this website a lot!
gruffalo acticities1 Primary Treasure Chest

This website absolutely is a treasure! So many wonderful resources, I would definitely recommend the site!

You can download which ever activities are suitable for your class.
gruffalo acticities2 Twinkl

Twinkl have some lovely Gruffalo resources. They’re not the Gruffalo drawings but close enough to see the resemblance.

And there is always Sparklebox.

I also bought some of my resources from Amazon. Amazon has a lot of different resources but I was on a budget so the ones I bought were:

gruffalo puppet A Gruffalo hand puppet

Actually a really nice quality puppet, the mouth and the arms can be animated and it comes with a mouse finger puppet.

£19.39 on 14.11.12
gruffalo rhyming Gruffalo rhyming and snap game

Lovely quality card games with bright, colourful pictures. A snap game and a rhyming pairs game.

£4.72 on 14.11.12
gruffalo activity Gruffalo activity book

Lots of lovely activities to use at home and in the classroom, and some stickers!

£2.95 on 14.11.12
gruffalo colouring Gruffalo colouring book

Exactly what it says, with a word search, cross word and maze. Suitable for all ages.

£2.95 on 14.11.12

If anyone knows about copyright could you let me know and I will share the rhyming pairs game which I’m using for silly soup and the matching pairs game, if it’s allowed.

I will publish my lesson plan next time but the main activity I’m doing is Silly Soup. I am hoping that the fun resources will make up for the main activity not being a ‘wow’ activity.

Oh! And of course! Buy the Gruffalo! I already have two copies of the book at home, because one just isn’t enough!

thegruffalo The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Sheffler.

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