Good Websites!

Good Websites!

Practicitioners are always looking for good websites with good ideas. In my journey as an Early Years teacher, I have found a few. Here are some of my suggestions.. The list will continue to grow!

I am a huge fan of Twinkl and get a lot of my teaching resources from this website. I've signed up to their premium resources and I wholeheartedly recommend it. The children respond well to the brightly coloured fun activities and resources. 

Early Learning HQ

A 100% free resources website with interactive white board games, printable and editable resources for the classroom. 


Small Potatoes

A lovely website I've just found with some fantastic Early Years ideas! I especially liked the story stones! Although I don't think I'm as good at drawing as the author of this website is! 

Mommy Mischief

Some lovely ideas on this website! Sometimes it's the mother's ideas that are the best! No harm in gathering ideas from any source!

Object Lessons

This is a lovely flash website which has images of different historical objects. Really interactive and good for looking up interesting information. 

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  1. I find your website/blogs very helpful and amazing.. time-consuming for teachers like us. So massive thank you :) Can I ask.. how do you get time to be so innovative and do all these research and blog at the same time .. I am guessing you are a full time teacher in EARLY YEARS ?