UK EYFS Documentation

This page will contain links to the documentation which is used in the current (2012 - 2013) EYFS. 

Obviously this page will be updated if the documentation is updated yet again! 

  • Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage
    This document is the main document from which you will take targets to put in your planning. While you must also ensure children have a well rounded education, these are the targets through which you will start lesson plans.

    Remember you don't need to stick to the 40 - 60 months targets if you are in Reception. Some Reception children may not yet be working at a 40 - 60 months level so you will need to have links to lower targets. If you are very lucky, you may have some children working on the year one 'I Can' statements so don't feel constrained to these targets.
  • Assessment and Reporting Results
    This documentation will inform your foundation stage setting about assessment and reporting these assessment results to parents. 

  • Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage
    An excellent document for those who haven't worked in the Early Years before. It's not too long and highlights the purpose of the Early Years. In the previous document they did detail how much child-initiated time there should be in your day, but this updated version seems to have missed that bit out. 

  • EYFS Progress Check at 2 Years
    If you have some SEN children in your setting, this document is good for identifying their individual needs. It can also be adapted for older children.

    It is also useful for parents of younger children how want to check their child is on track.
  • Parents' Guide to the EYFS
    If you find that some parents don't think the EYFS is an important stage in their child's education, you could supply them with this document. It is also useful for any parents who would like to know more about the Early Years Foundation Stage. Supplied by 4children

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