Thursday, 1 November 2012

Suggested Time Table

Just a Suggestion

Different schools have different ways of working. I would never suggest that everyone should follow the same time table or routine in their classroom.

As Early Years practitioners we should always work to our children’s levels.

The time table below is a suggested time table for those schools who teach Literacy and Numeracy as discrete subjects. It could also be applied to schools which work on a thematic structure, incorporating literacy and numeracy into topic headings.

suggested time table

This is more of an Autumn time table, but it could be suitable for schools where children are working below the national average. The longer sessions in the morning give children the opportunities to really get stuck into what they’re doing without having to change to a different subject or activity.

Lesson Breakdown

Within each lesson we have created opportunities for independent learning.


phonics breakdown

In a 30  minute phonics lesson there is plenty of time to introduce the phonemes and then work with a small group to consolidate learning.

Literacy and Mathematics

lit and num

The illustration above is for a literacy lesson, but the same structure can be applied to a numeracy lesson.

The long sessions allow children to get stuck in to what they are doing and to develop their own ideas.

During the whole class sessions, it may not be viable to instruct children to use only the literacy or numeracy resources so in the Autumn term I tend to allow children to use whatever they find an interest in and the Learning Through Play Manager will guide their play into a topic related area.

I never have time to do a plenary myself but I always plan to do one just in case I do keep an eye on the time.

Let Me Know

If you disagree or have a comment, or know some area where I could improve my plans, please do let me know. You could contact me on the form below or leave a comment in the comment box.

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