Friday, 2 November 2012

CVC Word Pairs

Consonant Vowel Consonant

While ‘dog’ is a cvc word, don’t forget that ‘kick’ is also a cvc word as the /ck/ phoneme counts as one consonant sound.

The Letters and Sounds website, which also has a lot of free resources, is fantastic and can explain phonemes if you need any clarification.

A phoneme is basically one unit of sound, like t or c, or sh or th.


Here is the dog phoneme card with it’s clear 3 phonemes.

Interestingly, ‘wing’ is always debated about over a Baileys and Hot Chocolate on cosy nights in (not). Wing has 3 or 4 phonemes depending on where you’re from. Those people in the Midlands would say there are 4 phonemes in wing, but those in the south would say only 3, counting ng as one sound.

Right, enough chatting.

This post is about a cvc matching pair game. Children need to use the phonemes they have learnt (phase 2 of L&S) to read the words and match with the pictures.

cvc game pic To download the cvc pairs matching game click here.

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