Saturday, 10 November 2012

Newspapers pt 3

Group Paper

The writing lesson. Hopefully children will have had lots of writing opportunities before this point, writing down their notes and interview tips, brain storming and writing in the classroom during independent activities.


Go again through all the children’s notes. You could even make it into a competition, to see who can write the best news paper with the best stories, the most interesting stories. The winning group could have some stickers.

Show children the front cover of popular newspapers. Point out the newspaper name, the headlines and the stories. Look at the different type faces and sizes of print.

Main Lesson

The children will take part in independent activities around the classroom with the teaching assistant acting as Learning Through Play Manager.

The teacher will work with the groups to write their newspapers. Your highest attainers will write the newspapers, supported by their group. Encourage the group to help with spelling difficult words, with sticking on the photographs they have taken to refer to their stories and with decorating the title.


Review the newspapers and, if you have made it into a competition, give the Best Newspaper Award.

Lesson Plans

Feel free to download the lesson plans for this lesson if you like it. It is my favourite week as the children really get into their roles and seemed to enjoy the lesson.

The editors-in-chiefs enjoyed being in charge and leading their groups especially.

np1 np2


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

All images were found on Google image search. Only for educational use.

I’ve split the lesson into three, but you could spread the lessons over the entire week, or two weeks if that suits your setting better. You could also make this lesson theme based, writing newspaper stories about your topic instead of going around the school.

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