Thursday, 8 November 2012

Newspapers pt 2

The Second Lesson

To find the resources for this lesson and the first part of the lesson click here.


  • Digital cameras
  • Interviewer notes
  • Reporter notes
  • Press badges


Recap the brainstorms. Look at the different names the children have thought for their newspapers, look at the stories they have chosen to write about.

Ask what they might need to do next. Encourage the children to suggest that they should go out and perform their investigative journalism.

Split the children into groups and give them their badges, send the first group out to go on their investigation.

Main Lesson

Your investigating teams will go out with your teaching assistant to begin gathering their stories, taking photos and forming their main ideas.

The remaining children in the classroom will be taking part in child independent activities.

  • Photo stories template
  • Fine motor skill activities
  • Press room role play area
  • Free writing activities
  • Computer program on interactive white board or laptops/computers

During this time you can either manage the children’s play as the Learning Through Play Manager, keeping the children on track and developing their ideas, or you can work with individual children and do targeted activities.


Review the children’s work, look at their photographs they have taken and discuss their story ideas.

Explain that the next step is to write their newspapers.

Adapt this lesson

If you don’t have time to send all your groups out for their investigative journalism, send out two groups and then repeat this lesson to send out the next two groups.

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