Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Space Journal

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We use Learning Journeys in our Reception. Instead of using maths and literacy books, we collect key pieces of work to appear in scrap books to show how the children’s learning has progressed over time.

The Space Journal is going to be the feature piece of work in the Learning Journey for this term.

1 copy The title page

It’s important for children to individualise their work. This black and white page is emblazoned with the title however the space badge in the middle is available for children to stamp their own mark.
2 copy Astronaut Passport

This page explores the development of how children have improved on writing their names since the beginning of term and
3 copy Non-Fiction Page

In this page we can talk about facts to do with space, for example that there is air and gravity in space just not a lot of it. Children are invited to draw a picture of waht they intend to write about, and then write a sentence about that picture.

Lower attainers could state, quite rightly, that Mars is red. Higher attainers could write about gravity or the order of the planets.

4 copy Phonics Page

This page encourages children to explore phonics. Obviously, aliens do not speak English. Children on this page are encouaged to make up words using the phonic sounds they know, and of course draw a picture of an alien in the middle box.

Drawing topic based pictures encourages children to use topic based creativity, develops fine motor skills and drawing skills.

5 copy Labelling and Creative Design

A mixture between fiction and non-fiction, children are able to create their own space ship design. However, as they need to label their diagram, their images need to have a lot of thought put into them. This encourages thinking skills as well as fine motor and letter formation skills.

6 copy Maths

The alien friend that we are doing in school will be made out of clay, but you could use salt dough or modelling clay.

We have free flow/creative time in the afternoons (as the little ones are so tired and losing concentration by the afternoon, especially after a big lunch) and our aliens will be made the previous week in our afternoon sessions. We will then use the morning maths lessons to measure, weigh and thoroughly assess our aliens.

Their vital statistics will then be input into this sheet along with a small photo of their friend. 

space journal

If you would like to use the the space journal, you are more than welcome to download the file, for free.

The Space Journal is intended to be done across the entire half term, one page a week. The children will be taking part in other activities and will produce other pieces of appropriate work and written work, however this would be their special topic work to appear in their Learning Journeys.

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