Saturday, 27 October 2012


You’re an Early Years Teacher!

Congratulations, you’re an Early Years teacher! You are now working in the most fun year group that there is! You will have more breadth than ever before to express your fun and creative side!

The other year groups are great too, but nothing beats the Early Years Foundation Stage!

Basic Tips for the Early Years

  • Have lots of free flow!
    Children learn in many different ways, especially at such a young age. Whole class teaching, small group teaching is great but allow the children to learn independently using appropriate resources in the classroom.
  • Small group teaching!
    The little ones can often find it difficult to concentrate in large group teaching sessions. I love teaching tables as they allow you to work almost one on one with a small group.

teaching table

picture from TTS Catalogue.

  • Be flexible!
    Anything can happen in the Early Years. The kids are amazing and have brilliant ideas. Be prepared to drop everything you’ve planned because little Johnny has an interest in trains. Think of all the topics you could get from trains:
    - Transportation
    - Holidays
    - The world
    - Science, experiments and steam power
    - The list is endless!
  • Again – be flexible!
    Your classroom is just one of your teaching tools. Don’t be afraid to take the children out into the playground for learning, or into the corridor or the hall (if it’s available).

More tips coming later.

If you are new to the Early Years Foundation Stage, don’t worry! It’s

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